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My name is James Macgregor, I am a cabinet maker who designs and builds furniture from hardwood.

My passion is making fine hardwood furniture from sustainably sourced timber. My bespoke furniture is designed to the exact requirements of the customer and then made using traditional skills and great care, producing a truly beautiful piece of furniture.

I live in Uldale, a small village in the North Lakes and work in my workshop which is a converted cow shed.     

The furniture I make will last a lifetime, becoming an heirloom which you can pass on to your children and their children. Treated well, hardwood furniture will last for generations.

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My Story

I trained as a cabinet maker at Waters and Acland Furniture school in 2015/2016. Before then I was an IT consultant working for Nokia. I got to a point in my life where I needed a new challenge so decided to change my career totally. I had worked with wood quite a bit before doing the course, but the skills I learned in the year were amazing.

The  combination of my IT background and new found cabinet making skills have meant that I am able to design a piece of furniture using a computer design tool and share it with you before I start to make. You see exactly what I will make before I start. Find out more about how I design a new piece of furniture with you here.


I try very hard to be green. You can read about what I do here.


I'm always looking for new and exciting projects. Let's connect. Go to my contact me page and fill out the form and I will get back to you very soon!

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