Rocking Chairs

My rocking chairs are all lovingly handmade by myself. There are three chairs pictured below, two are made from local oak and one from ash. I only work with non-rainforest timber and prefer to use local wood. The best woods for rocking chairs are oak, ash and walnut.

The rockers of the chair are made from multiple thin pieces of wood glued together in a mold to form the right curve. The back slats are also laminated and very flexible so that they flex when you sit in the chair. 

Each chair is customised to the customer's height which is very important so they can reach the floor to rock the chair.  

These chairs will last for years and they will become family heirlooms.

To find out more about how I make these, have a look at my blog here.

"We're really thrilled with the completed rocking-chair, particularly as it's comfortable for both of us to use."