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Handmade Wooden Sheet Music Stand - Hill Top Furniture

Sheet Music Stand

Fully Adjustable and Unique!

My curved adjustable height music stand is one of my unique products. There are many music stands on the market, but nothing as unique and beautiful as this! 

The design could easily be modified to change the top section to make a guitar display stand for your lovely handmade guitars.

This one is made from local ash with some walnut, but I will make it for you in any English hardwood. It would look amazing in Oak, Walnut or Elm.

The main stem of the music stand is curved and slots down into itself meaning that the height is adjustable. I can make it to your needs as different people need different heights.

The angle of the music rest adjusts so that you can have your music at exactly the correct angle for your instrument.

This music stand would look amazing if you are a soloist performing on a stage or just a casual musician wanting something special to put their music on at home! Also a great special gift for a friend who is a musician.

Please contact me to discuss prices and arrange to get one made for you!

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