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Bespoke Rocking Chairs

Everyone is a different size and shape! Here is a picture of two rocking chairs which I have just completed. One is for a 6'3" man and the other for a 5'2" lady. This picture shows quite well how much bigger the left hand chair is than the right one.

When you order a rocking chair from me I will ask for a few measurements from you to ensure that when I deliver the chair to you it is comfortable for you. The most important measurement is your height and the length of your legs. Knowing your weight is also useful.

My chairs can be made from any UK wood that you want. Mostly I made them from either English oak or ash. But you could also go for cherry or sycamore. If you want something a little different then you could consider elm, yew or walnut. But these are much harder to find a piece of wood, so it also depends on what I can find.

Areas which could be considered to make the chair look a bit different is the shape of the arms and headrest and also different wood could be used for the back braces.

Another possible way to make your chair different would be to use a different wood in the back braces. Creating a contrast between the chair and the back braces.

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