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Making a rocking chair - part 5

The headrest can now be glued in place. Hal also screws this joint. But I use my Festool domino jointer to put some large dominos into it and then glue it. The back braces are not glued in place, just sandwiched between the headrest and the seat. I also put some wax into the holes to prevent creaking! The back braces should be made exactly the correct length so that they are not under any pressure from the joint, just held in place.

The chair is virtually done with all the shaping and sanding done in the main. I will have to return to it later.

Time to get back to the rockers. First I need to prepare the rockers for attaching them to the legs. To do this I glue a stack of laminates onto where the front leg will attach and another onto where the back legs will attach. This stack will provide the wood to shape in the joint between the legs and the rockers.

I then drill a hole through the rockers which is for a large 100mm screw to go up through the rockers and into the leg

I then do some shaping and ensure that the joints are good between the legs and rocker and to round the top edge of the rocker.

The leg to rocker joints are then screwed and glued together and shaped.

Now lots of sanding and oiling to do and the chair is done! Photos to come once oiling and sanding are done.

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