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Chair making

Now I have finished the sideboard and dining table, my next job is to make four dining chairs. The chair is based on the dressing table chair which I made during my Waters and Acland course.

This chair is quite small and delicate so I had to redesign it to be more substantial for use as a dining chair which anyone could sit on.

Like the dressing table chair, this chair is made mostly on a router table using a multitide of jigs. Here is the jig which I use to cut the coopers used to make the back.

Glueing up the coopers on the back was tricky. As the back gets more curved, it becomes more and more difficult to add pieces on. The legs are the last two pieces to be added and I had to make extensions to my sash clamp heads to glue these into place.

This is just a prototype. Not one of the final pieces which will be delivered to the customer. It's made from ash, the final chairs will be made from oak to match the dining table. Here it is assembled, but not glued together.

This prototyping enables me to get the sizes and angles correct and ensure that they are repeatable for making the final four chairs.

Watch out for updates on this page for making the final four oak chairs.

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