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Oak Cupboard

My current project is to make a tall sideboard out of oak. The sideboard will have two cupboards in it with four doors. Here are some notes on the progress so far.

I bought the oak from Duffield Timber. I needed four different thicknesses - 12mm, 25mm, 40mm and one plank of 60mm. The 12mm and 25mm planks are each from a boule (tree trunk!), so should all look the same and keep the colour of the oak consistent throughout the cupboard.

It is 'grade A' oak, so it has very little in the way of knots or shakes. Lovely wood!

It's made using frame and panels to prevent wood movement being an issue. Here you can see the first two panels which I made for the cupboard. These are for the two side panels.

I love the part of making furniture where it actually starts to look like a piece of furniture rather than a pile of components. In this picture I am just testing the fit of all the components. No glue yet - that will come later today or tomorrow.

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