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Progress on oak sideboard

The oak sideboard is progressing very nicely. Over the last week I completed the carcase of it. This involved about 7 glue up sessions. Glue up sessions are always stressful and it's good to keep the number of joints for each session down to a minimum to reduce the stress! Also I find that it's good to apply pressure with clamps mainly in one direction. All this also ensures that I can make sure that all the joints are properly closed up and there are no nasty glue lines in the final piece of furniture.

The floor and back panels of the cupboard were all made separately and fitted to the space afterwards. They are then screwed into the carcase using brass screws. Here is a picture of the back of the cabinet.

Next week I will make the doors and fit them to the front. The doors have fielded panels in them and will be made from a piece of the tree which I bought which has lots of beatiful rays on it. "Rays" are a figuring effect which only occurs in oak and only when the wood has come from the center plank of a tree where the grain is running vertically through the plank.

You can see the rays in this picture of the side of the carcase and a piece of wood which I have cut for the door.

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